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In The Midst Of Being

„In The Midst Of Being” is the most personal set of photographs I have yet had the chance to work on. The project visually discusses my very own struggle with mental illnesses, depression and eating disorders. In chaotic, confusing arrays of light and structure I try to express myself in a way that conveys my understanding of society's standards on how a modern man is to be perceived.

These images have been created over the course of the last two years, shot both in Germany as well as Poland, and reflect in a documentary manner on the manifestation of abstract interactions between humans and their respective environments to an extent that tries to emphasize the strict inner lining within what makes up the human mind with all its boundaries — being the neverending perception of subjectivism and doubt about what there really is to perceive. What comprises the human awareness of its own mortality and vulnerability, what role does the ongoing demise of our ecosystems in an ever-evolving, ever-industrializing society play?

Questions like this and others are the inner core of what this still ongoing series is revolving around. By the exhibited manifestation of „In The Midst Of Being" being on display in a physical form, the process of steady self reflection is inevitably casted onto whoever is willing to encounter what dark secrets lurk beneath their own consciousness — discovering the structural array of chaos within and what is still to come.